The Edge of Divinity/Thresholds

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The Edge of Divinity/Thresholds

Forces that have achieved higher levels of power and strength than me now have activated a series of forthcoming events that will guide the few that wander this place, like I towards the destination they have been seeking – but only at a cost. The price that I am willing to pay to have my questions answered and the life that I so desire, is a priee that not many can afford. Here on these landscapes of gradur, a scent of Divinity can be traced somewhere within the air, it is feint, but everyday it grows stronger. There are many till this day that tread across this land, seeking answers from the Divine, but alas, leave empty handed. I am one who walked this fate, though still, I have not left.

For somewhere within these vast lands lie a path to the answers and the life that I seek, and the winds that pick up now, so similar to the ones that swept across the golden plains, speak of a divinity being reached that has not yet been unleashed. For Upon the Dawn which is now breathing it’s last breaths, I was bestowed trials that sought to track my very worth and potential. At this time, it seems I have passed and have reached the threshold that I had lost, following the hours of the exiles birth; and while even now it can still be lost once again, my heart and it’s entirety seeks to cling upon it and build upon what was once established – such time ago. But even now, I remain skeptical that this state can be reached, for while I cannot seek the peak of what these thresholds are building towards, I do know that a part of my being remains missing, lost within a dark and endless spinning state, stuck between positive and negative forces which seeks to claim it as their own.

The visions which speak of various ends still play rapidly throughout my mind. And while I know that time is still a ways off; my spirit knows that no longer is their time to hold back the energy that I now possess. For shadows and trials of some dangerous Twilight will soon seek to swallow up all that I am, leaving me lost for eternity. Yet another Fate which I seek to avoid and re-write out of this timeline. But with every hour that passes, the darkness that clings to me tightens it’s grip even stronger, as these lines begin to blacken into something much more sinister than I could ever imagine. With this, I continue forward still ready to fight against what has been chasing me for so long. I don’t know where this will lead me to in the end, but I do know that no matter which direction I take, the Fates I face call for these loose ends to be tightened. Once and for all.

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