The Prologue Plains

The Winds Calling – A New Light (Dawns Salvation)

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Where do I stand now? During these intense times of shifting, falling’s, and change. I find myself lost within some mysterious world of wonder.  This Healing & Rising that has begun to take place within me shall continue as I travel far from out of these lands, for my morphing’s never truly come to a solid close. Though the sudden morphing’s in the sky on the other hand, act otherwise. These sky’s have begun to finally clear up, and a new light I can see has now begun to shine. A new light signifying the close of this era is truly nearer than ever before. However, my journey out of these land still continue, as the sky’s ahead of me seems to be foggy, misty, and full of mysteries, my heart and mind grows anxious, and I find myself trapped within a typhoon of wondering.

From the day the cavern collapsed,  I knew very well that my time within this era was limited. Whether that may have meant I would soon perish, or be carried into the new Advent, I have kept my head up, and sights set, despite the pains and longing that have grew within me day by day, and that are still growing this very moment.  For ahead of these lands, I sense a a distraction, a force in which will own my soul and all it’s entirety. Whether this may be a positive or negative force, I stand my guard, however my need to confront this force is oh so essential, this life of mine depends on it.

The discovery in which I have been searching for within these beautiful dawns have now been revealed. The opportunity to heal, to rise, to loose fear, and most importantly to receive this wished salvation. Though these scars remain for every living soul to see, let them now remain enacted on this flesh in-vain. The lengths of these scars, their endings on the flesh, represent to healing, the rising, the lack of fear, and salvation that these plains and dawns have bestowed upon me.

However, the hardships are far from over. Though my eyes may look clear as crystals, the vision in which they hold is not as clear. The future I may try to predict, may very well not be the future in which I will own. Accepting the unknown, probably one of the greatest struggles to overcome, must soon be established within me. To be ready for a war, or to be ready to receive peace, neither I cannot fully choose on my own. The limits to these lands are just ahead, a my body grows truly tried, still I pick up my pace once more, and race to this new light that is beginning to shine, truly ignorant of what lies ahead in the rest of these lands and beyond…

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“The Rising”: Take what you have & Descend!

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The journey through these plains have been a great experience of “gaining” both internally and externally, strengths anew, and strengths we’ve lost since the Cavern Walls. Though we can spend an entire lifetime gathering what we “think” we may need, the most valuable, and thing to do is of course take action as soon as we can. We’ve learned from this journey that time does not wait, with this in mind, we take our knowledge gained, rise, and continue to grow upon it with the journey that lies ahead, never closing out our mind for new learning opportunities.

From this current day, I look upon the sky, and feel your warmth, although like always, I cannot see it. This morphing that is currently happening within the world above, it taking my view of all healing that I’ve once encountered. From this current day, I have learned that going make to this life of old, must never be done. For this is a time of Healing and Rising, the moment I take a turn back around, will be my last day journeying, for I and the great one all around knows that the darkness only awaits behind me to devour me and all that I am.

Taking what I have…Rising…like the sun everyday, though it may fall, it continues to rise back up day after day. No more shall these deep out-lands keep me down. Though I have begun to cherish these lands, I know something more, something greater, something more sacred, must lie ahead.

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TAE Update: Coda re-scheduled, The Ice Cave Collection Release, TAE timeline for 2012, & more.

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Hey guys, 


Glake here bringing you a TheAdventEntries update, the first in a pretty long time. A lot of things have changed since the ending on The Ice Cave saga, as “The Prologue Plains” has said to be quite shorter than The Ice Cave, I have also said it is also a sub saga to “The Ice Cave” thus somewhat connecting the too. Keep in mind, the next full length Saga is soon be revealed. 

Throughout this year, a lot has not been going according to plan, but at the same time a few things have. This has led me to quickly “re-plan” quite a few things instead of rushing to get them done. This entry is mainly going to be focused around what you can expect from TAE from the rest of 2012, and even a few things into 2013. Of course, you must understand that TheAdventEntries is a journey, a virtual experience,  founded simply text based, but now focusing to expand and greater the journey experience. While this is at the same time my personal blog, a lot of these entries may be based off of real life events. My goal is to pull people in, and create something truly original for others to enjoy.


As announced in late January, The Ice Cave Poem collection has officially been finished. The original plan was to have it all edited and distributed to a fixed amount of people for thoughts by early Summer, unfortunately due to recent events, I was unable to meet this deadline. But worry not, both The Ice Cave collection along with all of “The Prologue Plains” poems will be released together as a full collection, and will be distributed in some form as a physical copy, as well as bit by bit being uploaded here on the TAE site.

Coda, another literature project for TheAdventEntries has as well been re-scheduled. Originally, I planned to be finished with Coda by the end of September. Though I would have been able to meet the deadline without a problem, I chose not too. I decided instead of continuing Coda this season, I would focus on making the conclusion of “The Prologue Plains” as best as I can. Since TTP isn’t all text based like Coda, it is much more time consuming, putting together NMV’s, Vlogs, and more. Instead, Coda will be continued at the end of Spring 2013.



* September 19th-30th: “The Healing. The Rising”

* October 1st – 12th: (The Healing, The Rising Concludes) Final chapter of The Prologue Plains Begins

*October 19th-21st: The new TAE Theme/Saga Begins

*January 1st 2013: The Ice Cave Collection begins distributed

Keep in mind this timeline is not even 1/4 of all the things coming from TAE from now until 2013, a lot of things you will have to wait until the new Saga begins, but until then, please enjoy the rest of “The Prologue Plains” journey.

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The Healing: Unwanted Gravity

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If you have every struggled with something internally, you probably have experienced the unwanted pull in which whatever this negative force is has effect on you. It is truly quite miserable. In this time of healing, this pull, this desire to return to old, this law of unwanted gravity, must now be broken.

Within these Plains, much was lost,  fear, negative desires, old habits, and even connections that did not belong connected in the first place. Loosing some of these hurt more than others, however much is left remaining. I often find myself being pulled back to this wretched remaining pull, in which the Cavern walls have carved into my skin. Though now these plains offer a healing like non-other, a healing to the remains of what was done so long ago, to forget, to forgive, and to heal.

Though these beautiful dawns are now covered up by these morphing’s within the sky, making the remaining of my journey much darker than before, I still sense the warmth of the entire land, and what it has to offer. The darkness that has in which once drifted behind me, now seems faded. However, the winds to warn me of the mighty darkness that lies beyond these plains. Forcing my soul like never before, I shall let the wind rid this wretched gravity, and live freely from my sins in which have held me back before.



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“The Healing The Rising” You are invited.

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You have watched TAE wanderer travel through the darkest times, deep within the cold Caverns walls. The first theme from this “Places” saga. If you have followed TheAdventEntries throughout the time of the Ice Cave era, you will know that that time was a time of hardship, and survival. Daily life was changed drastically, habits were made, and the very soul suffered the costs immensely. As we safely exited the Caverns walls, we experienced the very collapse of the the cave and it’s entirety before our eyes, as it tumbled us down onto a vast land we were yet to discover. As I entered the plains gates, I knew this would have to be a time of discovering, learning, and much travel to find the secrets that are yet to be discovered. The Suns astounding dawn in which rose above my head, was a sign of a new era that is soon to arrive, just as the collapse of the cavern spoke to me as something new to come.

But now the wind calls to me that these Plains limits will soon be revealed, as a new light, as well as a new dark will soon be exposed. As I slowly come together as oneself once again, I prepare for a morphing within myself, just as the morphing’s in the sky have begun to happen. From all the damage that has been done, to the strength for the tasks and the era that lies ahead, a sudden healing, and gradual rising must be done. It is essential. This is “The Healing, The Rising”


This new sub- theme “The HealingThe Rising” will include several posts dedicated to this sub-theme that will journey you through this morphing process that is taking place. You will learn and experience the journey that will take place as we begin preparation for our final sub-theme as well as the end of “The Prologue Plains” saga. Several posts from now until the end of the week will be released here on the site for everyone to read. I will also be doing some active things on twitter to promote this sub-theme, I’d like others to be apart of this Healing and Rising. Expect at least 3 new Nature Music Videos for this sub-theme to be uploaded on our Youtube channel throughout the rest of the month, and more! Please be apart of this critical time within “The Prologue Plains” saga.

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The Winds Calling – Discoveries,The Plains Limit & End of the old era

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Fearless yet young and careless wayfarer I am. Still bruised by the hatred in which this world has bestowed upon me, I find myself running through these plains with little sense of direction. These winds seem to be taunting me by taking me back to some mysterious realms of old, yet still connected to the present time. These old faces in which I come across on a daily basis put me through some mysterious trance, where am I now? For so long, through many beautiful dawns, this sun I have witnessed is now beginning to take a shape of something new, these lands look different, as the darkness I have sensed ahead is now becoming much more visible. As this sun evolves, some wandering clouds are taking stance, these dawns in which I witnessed are now growing shorter, yet even not visible. I am struck-en with some strange feeling, a feeling to concern, yet at the same time much hope lives within this heart.

The figure in which I have been chasing for oh so long tends to come and go as it pleases. My mind is confused yet my heart still knows what is right. I continue to press on. The winds here that have guided me for so long are now speaking out to me once again as my heart is as well. I am being told that the time growing within this place is growing significantly shorter, yet the distance that lies far ahead of me seems to span millions of miles.  A strange sadness is present within this heart of my time, these lands in which have liberated me from the wretched cavern walls that once, now coming to an end. Though I feel like I have just found home, my heart tells me that some place beyond these lands await. For chaos, evil, hatred, is closest it’s even been to devouring the world and all that lies within it. All of the Goddesses of these lands, have now awoken, these strange crowds of people in which I have encountered are now far behind me, and now I am the only one. I, and the figure.

With the rest of these lands to cover, and some strange morphing happening within the skies. I now harvest my energy, and prepare for the great closing in which is to happen further within these lands, and beyond. As the winds call the new Advent is now growing upon us, closer with every minute that passes, my eyes focused ahead, my heart on the mysterious place that lies ahead, and my mind clouded, much like the skies above me, I press on to establish these discoveries I have set out for.

-“Oh mysterious figure vanishing in what seems to be thin air, please come and face me eye to eye for one last time.”…

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