The Ice Cave

The cavern walls was where the journey truly began, within this era. For at the time, death was the only sound lingering in the wind, and much hope more fading than existing. This was a time of struggle, a time of darkness, a time of isolation. The days in which the frozen air blew oh so softly, escalated the dreams that had in fact provided me somewhat of a clear road leading up into the exit. To find Salvation within oneself was the goal, and at the end to ultimately earned a gift as well as a curse. These days will be forever ingrained within my memory.


You can read the entire first saga of the TAE journey “The Ice Cave” located Here

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The Prologue Plains

After the collapse, a fresh path was carved out of what was once the darkness, for in fact the darkness itself had even faded, at least for the time being. Bestowed upon me was a new light, but a dying light, the morning sun of the end of the era. At the time I had not have known this, however even during this period I had still sensed the uneasy feeling of something darker lingering behind me. However, I shall never forgot all the Plains had to offer, the winds uplifting my spirit to the highest heights, and the true warmth of the morning sun.



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Ending of the Afternoon sun grew near, and I know soon nightfall would take it’s place, with the rise of the new Advent shortly following. Despite having these to my knowledge, I had failed to overcome the tasks presented before me, and the day of exile had arrived. The mysterious lands hissed a threatening call signalling something darker than I had ever imagined. After being placed in some sort of cross over between the Plains, and the land of castles, I knew a sort of time limbo had been taking place. For after time found itself spinning back to normal, the afternoons grew darker and end of the era grew near. But now, with the new Advent at hand, and the exile now coming to an expire, these lands still stand strong and tall far in the distance.

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