Onto New Dawns

Onto New Dawns – New Lines

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Onto New Dawns – New Lines

Every journey has it’s origin point. But I have already discussed this with you all. So allow me to continue in present time, this very moment, the current day’s, as everything shifts to change once again.

As the new dawn spreads it’s wings across these lands, the harder I seem to cling to what once was. There are a million things calling me back, every second, every minute, every living and breathing moment of my life. Though I know now some strange action, partook by myself severed such sacred timelines, I know there is now no way to fix things, no way to bring things back to normal, to way…to return things to the way they once were. I live in a time shrouded in such mystery, though one thing remains certain. The clock that seems to always be ticking for me, is running thin. In some strange way, you were always right, you saw deep into my heart, you saw the pain, the anguish, the good, the bad, the ambition, and perhaps you too saw the future, much like I. In some cases, I tend to wonder if seeing the future, is what set off the paradoxes in the first place, severing our worlds, and creating one anew.

Deep within a new, more sharp, more aimed mind, I still seek out what my heart truly yearns. There is truly much left to accomplish. Upon the exile, I made several critical mistakes which ultimately brought me to my fate. And though I swore to never make such mistakes again, who is to say another mis-step couldn’t bring worse? Of course, this is a risk I am willing to take. Because on this setout, there truly is no returning, it is simply impossible, even if I tried to force it, even if I tried to re-arrange it, even if I collided with you, there is no possible way to go back. The fact has now been faced, and I am determined to either meet the doom or glory that awaits me so far beyond this new horizon. If it may be you, wandering within infinite spaces, then so be it. I pray some greater force may guide me to this new light, and keep me from falling to harm once again. But my worst enemy is myself. Spinning and growing within a shrouded shadowy corners feeds and being much stronger than I am now, a plague, trapped within a vessel much like my own. It will not rest until the spilling of my own blood has begun.


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Onto New Dawns – Embers

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Onto New Dawns – Embers

Much time has passed since I initially began this journey. Years and years of wandering, struggles, wars, and yearning have taken place before I first step foot outside of the very treacherous life that threatened my soul, challenging as a whole, to fight for my destiny. I have had my days of extreme loneliness, plunged into an un-imaginable darkness, so dark I felt that only death could set me free. But with that, I have also bathed in the glory and light that the most treasure-able of love has to offer, a golden place of an immense, uplifting feeling. The paths go on and on.


There was a place that once stood, outside of time, outside of the world around me that those who I hated and loved wandered within. This was a place that had opened up to me only, during the time. A place of sheer cold, where souls longed for freedom, and hearts yearned for warmth, for this place in which I had been was dark, and I stood supremely alone. My intentions during this time however, were clear. For you I was fighting for during that time enabled me to see a clear path, a vision, a life outside of the Cavern walls, a life where all was to be healed, a life where I could truly start anew. I weathered through the storm, and though there were many days and hours where I swore I would never make it alive, I made it out, I made it out alive. 

Post-Collapse/The Fall

After the walls collapse, and I went tumbling to my new fate, I was met with a new light. This light, shone throughout the infinite spaces of this lonely landscape, but shone most strongly directly into my heart. For I knew during this time that the hours were coming closer, to the point in time where another war would begin. As I traveled throughout these Plains, I learned and witnessed much about myself that I would have never been able to learn without reaching that Place. You and I however were then sewn into a knot that was bid unrepeatable by us, and us only. With much certainty now setting stone in mind, I set forward without hesitation, for the Sunset on that Advent was approaching, and time until the departure was growing even nearer.


After  several years, waiting for the day to finally arrive, it was time for me to make my departure from those lands. Following this, I betrayed those who were once close, just as they betrayed me years prior, leaving it all behind, I quickly entered the large and strange place I sought to call home, inevitably, only to meet the fate I had stood so blind too seeing. Upon arrival, it was already much too late. For the 2nd sleep had already taken it’s course, and I lay there victim to it, sprawled out on attic floorboards. My failures to sustain what we once promised began to pile, and stack, and though my longings for you grew stronger and stronger everyday, it did not erase the fact that a new and inevitable fate was waiting for me, right at the edge of the Advent. The days went by quickly, many without you, many alone. The dreams that took place during those dark and cold nights were of cold and empty stations, upon platforms, where you began to become out of reach. But even before then, a simple touch of your skin, was enough to melt the frigid snow that I lay deep within over a frozen lake. Though you assured to me that the promises in which we upheld would remain intact until the end time, my visions spoke otherwise. During the final days, it all seemed clear. I would indefinitely become exiled from that land, inevitably creating a paradox that would change all that I knew.

Paradox/Exile/Vanishing Era

Sent back to a time and place that seemed so familiar, yet at the same time, so different from what I once knew. At that very moment I held a strange feeling at the back of my head that things would never return to normal ever again. For much time, you were erased from my time, shortly after making way into the new Advent, we were sent back, to an era where time truly did not matter. During these days, during your absence I scrounged around the strange place I was trapped in, only to try and find answers as to why things were the way they were, and why such mysterious outcomes took place. As my very being began to crumble, my heart was inevitably lost, for during that period of time, the a new crashing began, in which I strove to dig myself out of, to return to the strange lands, upon your return. Once our positions in time crossed paths once again, you made your return. However, during this day, was the day where it truly began to all fall apart. Changed, and spinning in and out of time, I knew your mind was elsewhere and the promises began to unfold, after all those years. While I still remained focused on mending what was damaged, the tasks in which I was given to complete before the arrival of the new Advent were clear. A new time in history was beginning, and everyone who meant something to me deserved to start anew, deserved to no longer carry the burdens in which older days bestowed upon them.

Up until the final hour, I oath’ed to be left behind, enabling them to go forward, cleansed of all in which I brought upon them. Stuck in-between the Advent of Old and the New Advent, I continued my goal of re-building all that had crashed upon my departure. You made your way in time to be heard, from time to time, but it wasn’t long until you were once again completely absent from my life, this time for good. Throughout these days the night begun to grow darker and longer, but even during that time I gradually returned to my origins to reclaim my heart, and my strengthened mind in which I had feared I’d lost for good. Ultimately pained, and confused, tired of the past, and paradox’s, the exile was lifted, and most everything within myself returned to normal. For after years of striving I had finally made my way into the new Advent, a new place in time. However, it was all without you. Which even now, during this time, at the coming of the new Dawn, I ask myself over and over if it were all really worth it in the end..

Post-“Places” Saga/The New Dawn/Present Day

During this day, I am beginning to awaken from the 4th sleeps wrath. I have grown stronger, yet in some ways weaker, beyond my wildest dreams. I’d like to think you’d be proud, but at the same time, I know it’s about time that I begin striving all for myself, seeing since that is all that is left. With every action we take, time and fate is altered, even if it’s just a little, the end result is altered. Though I learned the hard way there is no way to change the past, I did however learn the value of time, and many other things within these Places.  My way now, is a search for many things. Life owes me nothing, nor will it ever, there have been many times when the unjust has held me back, yes, but in the end, that was also my fault, it all comes down to us. My dreams are infinite, but there is one that I strive for harder than the others, this single dream, can single-handedly illuminate the others. However, throughout time, this proven to be a dream that fails me, and now during these days, I also seek to find the answer’s as to how to remove this curse, this plague,  this darkness that follows me so. A journey far larger than any of which I have been on before awaits me just over these growing flames that will birth something new. As I make my way through, it will hurt, and it will bruise, however my chances of failing are zero to none. For it is only myself now, as how it should be for this journey. Until what is sought, is finally obtained.

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