The End Days: Nightfall

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With less than 31 days remaining until the new Advent, the pressure begins to truly close in, as all the promises in which I’ve made and kept must be carried out in their entirety. With the second sleep, only recently coming to a conclusion, the visions, and travels have now set in and my path should remain somewhat clearer now from here until the end of the current era. All proper arrangements have been made in order to make a successful transition, however the cold has also begun to set in, triggering more tiring acts on my part. With all of these festivities of salvation, and holy birth beginning, it only makes me think about the path in which I will have to take to truly start anew. While the exact directions of my whereabouts, and the land in which I must reside are still up in the air, blowing for miles, along with the wind. I feel I may be a step closer with everyday that goes by for truly learning where in which this place may be. For I know soon, the angels shall arrive once again to help guide me to the destiny in which I am destined to face. With the Afternoon now at it’s end, the night has very well settled in, and these days remain much darker than before. When Dawn will be seen by these eyes once again I remain not sure, but until the new Dawn, for in which the new Advent dwells, I shall travel to, and for this, and some new life is what I now strive for. 

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The Catalyst Clip

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Many days have now in-fact past since the exile. Thought it still haunts me, like a re-occuring nightmare, it is beginning to fade, however still leaving me messages, and lessons with every flashback. What I have very recently though of as a beacon is nothing more but a re-occurring accusation of the lack of my strength. So today until further notice, quite possibly forever, I have stopped the pills, despite the lash-back that is surely to soon come. My time until the new Advent is nigh, however my tasks remain stockpiled, towering over me. The sun, which is now at it’s set shall soon mark the end of the beginning of the second sleep, and the dreams shall soon be re-occurring, like never before. With your constant vanishings,  and my restlessness, it’s simply only a recipe for disaster, however I still continue on as if things are to soon get better. And while in the coming day’s, I shall mark the celebration of the Evenings arrival, it leaves me now with some mysterious feeling of confusion, yet a rush and a burst of energy that carries my soul to the skies. Chaos, darkness, and confusion is always around. It surely will never leave, however when the light in you glows, you never really notice these things. Air will never be the same after these day’s,  and though I cannot predict the future so clearly, I can say, it would be a mistake for me to under-estimate the importance of these end-day’s. And so I begin again, making my way back to gravity.

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Into the End Day’s: Time, Tasks & Travels

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Failure to follow these warnings could result in serious consequences

It came has come quickly, it was almost as if every moment led up to now never actually happened. But it has, but the most amazing part is….I’m still alive..

The first departure was sudden, yet necessary in every means to prepare for what is soon to come, the new Advent. However, I, still remaining quite stagnant for my taste for much am only now fulling coming to realization as to why these following happenings have occurred,  I’m sure the exact reasons..I will never come to know, but things surely remain clearer than before, it at first brought me to a more peaceful state. However, as time passed since the, though very little time, I have grown restless yet again. But now for a good cause. And now, I shall witness it to it’s fullest state. The sunset on this era shall soon take place, as these day’s grow much shorter than before, this Afternoon age must now soon depart, but knowing this only panics my nerves more. However I still struggle to determine if your echoes are still true, true to your true-self that is. For I will always do what you wish, but my heart also calls in other directions, these exact destination of these, are still unknown. But now, in the waking night, from today forward, I know things shall be different. While it is inevitable that the 2nd sleep is now set to land on my soul, another inevitable curse, that will surely slow me down from time to time, is about to take place. This however, can and will not ruin my pace during these waking hours. For time now is precious, yet at the same time dangerous, with too much at stake, I cannot make the same mistakes, conditions must be made, things are bound to change. And now, the calling of the rivers shall take place again, just like some 4 years ago of great healing, they must return. Besides, something much darker & sinister lies ahead, and while I’d hate to even dream what it is, I only know not being prepared would be nothing but foolish. So now,

~We Depart again.

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The Timeline Travels: Before the Cavern Walls

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Until this very day, it still rings in my ears, the screams of the raging wind, from the mighty storms that constantly stirred up deep within the chamber in which was the “Ice Cave”. The trail in which led me to walk through such a treacherous place, was quite similar to a trail that I am once again traveling now, in the modern future. The Cavern was a mere passing point, a place in which any soul seeking the ultimate salvation, had to overcome, had to endure, had to get out, alive. It has only now occurred to me that even though the “Ice Cave” was perhaps in which the most terrifying, struggle infested journey in which I have traveled, it is nothing compared to the chaos that lies ahead. However, today I am not discussing that, for that is in the future, and we, are now traveling the timelines long before the Cavern Walls.

       Long ago, during this age, certain steps, and decisions were taken and made in order to reach the life in which I desired to greatly, and had, what only seemed for a second, set hand on in the future, but is now gone, trapped, being slowly eaten away by some growing paradox. To re-trace these steps, and polish them, is the only way to gain back this life in which I so desire. The life where in which I was once, truly happy, content, satisfied, safe & sound. The steps, and the trail in which I take now, is a path of the past, a path long before the Cavern Walls, a path that will in which exploit my greatest weaknesses, my missed crucial steps, and all of the paradoxes I created that in which enabled my exile from the lands in which I sough to travel.

   Despite all of this that must be done, time is running out. For the new Advent is quickly approaching, and with the middle of the Afternoon period almost at it’s arrival. This is a look into everything in which you’ve missed, didn’t see, the same goes for me.

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Day X: A Past & Decisions

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The inevitable has arrived, as these hours had made their final limits, it has now been made official that the time in which I had to make an official decision was now up, a path must have been chosen, and now, the journey must continue. It was revealed unto me today that the source and strength that I so seek, and have clanged too for so long, now remains somewhere beyond my minds limits, far from my reach, in it’s own deep sleep. It is too un-certain now to quickly judge this mysterious happening as betrayal, as too much remains unknown to me. But since my soul is now sworn to this source, my only option left is too wait, even if it takes me into eternity, unless the 4th is to come along. This force, this strange source, the 4th? Could it possibly exist. While all travelers much greater than me have engraved the fact into history that a 4th source could never exist, and anyone who was too seek the 4th would eventually be written out of life, as it were inevitable. As the 3rd lies fast asleep, beyond my reach, I am forced to choose a path without any guidance besides my own.  Where could this possibly send me too within the future? I am still unsure but odds point to something beyond what my mind can currently comprehend, the unknown of course. Since I have now begun my time-line travels it has been revealed to me that these certain journeys within this time-line travel must certainly point out my next true destination. These destinations are strangely being shouted to me as the lands of Castles, brighter destinations of the near future, that can only be truly visited by being granted acceptance from time-line manipulations. These lands of Castles must lead me to something greater, perhaps something similar, maybe the source in which I have grown so accustom to for existence, as without a doubt my soul is still under expiration timing without this source and energy. With the energy I have left, I must truly devote all that is remaining within my soul to make it too these lands yet to be discovered before the Dawn of the new Advent, or at least, before my soul has truly expired. This next sleep that is yet to come will surely be a burden for me as time is quite limited. This path I must now take will surely be lonely, as now I must re-build and re-struct all side monuments which have been broken long before these timeline travels. Perhaps if I am lucky, when this is all over, I shall find home. Until then, let the travels commence once again..

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Day VIII – IX: The Blind Actions

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With day X so close to being upon me. Any remaining hope I had left for this ever ending nightmare to be untrue has seem to fade into something so small, not even the one with questionable eye could in vision this. My heart, which has been quiet for so long has seem to begun to speak to me once again. This is in which surprising as I expected the action of time line manipulation to science any sort of real-time senses in it’s entirety. It seems that for too long has my focus been seeking and retrieving on a certain object, an object so out of reach, but so essential for existence, that now I depend on it for my very existence. While stopping my search for this object will surely ensure the slow decay of my soul and it’s entirety, I sense there must be enough time left to seek and retrieve the other objects that will surely help me in my other objectives, unfortunately these objects will surely not bring further existence to my soul. Betrayal, one of the very few things I fear, something that was too common during the travels of the
Cavern Walls, but had in which seemed to fade once the Plains limits were discovered. I have now learned another essential lesson. While some believe you must hold onto yourself and all that you are, as this is the only thing thats worth, this is a certain degree. It has been proven time and time again that the soul cannot sustain itself, the soul needs the various other objects, energy in which we cannot visualize, too be able to remain existent. Those who do not obtain these objects, are those that I hope to save, somehow, someway. But my path to becoming one of them is unfortunately inevitable, but even to a greater degree, since my heart knows the truth, going down this road may be much more chaotic for me, who knows the truth, than the others, who do not know the truth. I must now strengthen myself and prepare for what seems to be yet another great war, a fight into the New Advent. However, I am often much to quick to jump the gun. With day X still yet to come, and 24hrs still remaining, much can still change within the time line, perhaps the actions I made on day VII will shift the outcomes that may happen this day X. One can only hope. My heart, soul, and mind, prays & dreams for a new liberation, a new, and brighter path to be discovered this day X.

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