Life Lines

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Life Lines

We’ll never truly know when this is all meant to end. We walk and walk days at a time in hopes to position ourselves in a optimal form to take on the shadows that war upon us on a daily basis. Our army is of dwindling numbers, for some have been lost to the echo’s and others are now beginning to see nothing but uselessness in attempting to stay in the fight. I am still warring in all of this, but I too have grown tired of this endless cycle of pain and fighting – but even still, it seems that this was all I was meant to know. Could it be all I truly desired?

During this time I have begun to think back on the Cavern walls, and how during that time being sheltered in that treacherous and dangerous place seemed to be in essence, worse than hell itself.  Little did I know that here, outside in this grand scape, there is a violence much more sinister brewing that what had gone back back then, inside. With this in mind, I have quickly begun to think back to colder days, days when all I once knew felt distant, yet still in reach. For now, all that feels distant is either fading or has long since been no longer in reach. What curse have I fallen into? What waves will seek to devour me now?

Even during an hour like this, where the morphing’s begin again above, sheltering the violent and blinding brewing of a dangerous twilight – I sense that this incoming force matched with the growing aggression of these shadows will prove nothing but fates for us all, yet still we pursue against these forces. But as I make my way back to my feet after witnessing fading’s from all around me, I now realize that those who remained still hold tight to the life lines that are yet to be erased, the life lines that are yet to be cut loose, the life lines – I know longer have.

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