The Equality of Light & Dark

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The Equality of Light & Dark

We are drifting in and out of time yet again here in this place. We’re no strangers to it, and while this happens we continue to fight our battles, day by day – accepting each defeat that is given to us; retreating with the hopes that one day we will be able to walk away from this all forever – that one day this war will be nothing but a lesson for posterity. We have learned to know nothing but loss here, and while you begin to seek flames of legend we now strive to start our own, against the very shadows that burn whilst marching against us now.

These shadows have grown bold, even during these brighter hours that scream of an era of twilight, that loathe this age of shadows. And now that the sun is dimming across this grand scape, they too know of a nighter much darker than the ages have seen – for it is then that a bend within this reality must take place to force the fates that must be made to finally settle in. Everything is like a blur to me now, I can feel the pain, suffering, yet see the hope and a newer light every now and then as beacons call out to me. 

Though I know that all of this must take place again, for as the cycles make their way in again – only one trial remains. My acceptance towards such potential sinister outcomes has now hit me like the same tidal waves which swept away all I once knew and held close. And though I will fight these battles and continue my place in this war – I will soon no longer be binded to the chains that has been forced upon me, nor will I accept to be held down by the darkened forces whose power dwarfs us to greatly. For I am the fallen. 

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