A Burning Shadow, The Fading Soul

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A Burning Shadow, The Fading Soul

These trying day’s are now on their last breaths, for as this war wages on within these grand scapes, so does a fading which has now begun to take place. For while it is still unknown to me and my nature, I know you knew more about it that I probably would have liked. You have retreated back to core and now soon you seek to vanish into the being you once more, as you reconnect with the longing in which you’ve suppressed for oh so long.

My weapons have now begun to dull here, for the various enemies I have slain throughout all of this time has not only taken a toll of my weakened and tired heart, but also on the very tools which were made to keep me safe.  And now, as we begun to march upon the shadows which have spread violent flames throughout this place, I now see that the violent rays beaming from skies above seek to start chaos of their own. Though we may be in this war and this age of shadows as a whole, I still am a lone traveler. I still seek stars that hide from the normal eye, and I still long to reach that bend, that drift that shall provide me with the answers that I seek. I still dream of dangerous cycles and past exiles which have shakened the very foundation I had once built myself on.

But now, a shift which feels oh so familiar, yet at the same time much more sinister, much more foreign has begun to settle in. It is a shift that speaks of burning shadows of the past that will start fires which will lead me to the end. It is a shift that knows how with every passing hour I wander, the further I wander from who we were meant to become. The failures of the past have now begun to latch to me, it is a plague of this place, and now I can hear the echoes once more calling out to me. And now, though there is acceptance in the Fates that very well beckon over me, there is also desperation, a last hope, for a line that will lead me to where I long to be.

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