The Winds Calling: The Dark Dawns – Tracing Treasures of the Past

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The winds are blowing forcefully once again, but this time, like never before. I often stare back at the Cavern, collapsed in it’s entirety, and visualize the contents of the path that came before the

frozen tundra that once stood. These years have flew by so quickly, I am left backtracking all time that was drastically lost, scrounging for a source life, and the fragments left behind, 

in all of those mysterious moments of mine. Still cautiously remembering the roads that got me here, I can sense a dark dawn coming upon these open lands, something I have no choice

but to face and travel through. Though these lands in their entirety, so open, so vast, yet at the same time, close me in to something I have such an issue finding the true path.

As these beautiful dawns expand, I sense a clouding fighting it’s way in, where could my sense of direction possibly lie? The wind tells me such missing fragments, and un-resolved orders

are the key the to the invitation of some new and final dawning. Yet, how will I know when these things are solved? Some mysterious evil, tracing my trails for sometime now is drifting 

on my darkness and lower aura that this beautiful dawns exposes, I sense a war is near. If such a informative path does not exist, then perhaps my old trails may help me find

what is missing? I am closing in on my final chances, as time of this Advent runs very thin within this bloodline. Setting out on this new journey, I once again put eyes to the skies.

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