The Path of Shadows

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The Path of Shadows

Right now, I am seeking refuge, in a place and during a state that is so familiar of the past – that I cannot help but feel like this is nothing but the cycles work once again. But it is far from that, rather, I believe this is all work of none other than myself, this time around. I cannot physically nor mentally remove myself from the state of war that we are on in right now. It does not matter how far into my mind I may journey, it does not matter how high in perspective nor conciseness I may go – the war is always there. This war is much more sinister than the Dark Day’s of eras past, or the struggle and strife which swept through my entire being within Cavern walls. But at the same time, it is what I believe to be the final product of what was to follow the exile which followed grand and towering Castles.

I now, sit here in solitude. You have long since been gone, though even still I ponder about when I will seek to tamper with timelines once again to gain the answers that I seek. And now another, what was perhaps one of the last of lifelines the universe would provide to me, may be fading away quicker than I can return Though, a sacrifice it had to be. And so now, all is as it should be. All is all that it once was before, long before all of this mess occurred. Long before the Cavern Walls, long before new lights within vast plains, all before the land of Castles which cast exile upon me. All before it all. But even before this all, there was one desire which sought me out, one desire that still remains a constant, despite where I’ve been lead today, and that desire still burns – much like the shadows that wage war against us now during this age of shadows.

Time after time, I ponder if I am worthy of this flesh, or perhaps at one point in time this flesh was not worthy for me. Had it served me? Or since my creation has it held me bound to a time much more disastrous and more chaotic than anything I have ever known – binding like shackles to the earth. I know there are bends and shadows which I have not even begun to dream of reaching – for in order for me reach these heights would require a drifting much more dangerous than what had lead me off lines course in the distant past. In the past we hid from shadows, and now we embark upon them. The echoes while vigorous and dangerous in nature seem to be our only refuge – for when we are injured we look to them, for when we are down are stare upon them, for when we reach our ends we reverberate to them.  Though despite this all, both Shadows and Echoes have become enemies of mine alike, enemies I must now confront to win this war, enemies that may very well bring about my end. 

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