The Flame

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The Flame

The loving, yet mysterious light that had once graced these lands have long faded – for now fires that spread across thousands of skies now light these grounds where blood is so violently shed. Innocence here, has been destroyed and exposed for the lives that seek to live in peace and harmony are larger inconveniences for those who much towards secrets. Now perhaps it’s true what darker knights have told me; that in time, you are bound to become like them – for every sun must soon set, only then will in it’s rest will it truly meet the darkness. But even I, isolated here within these scapes much larger than the lands in my dreams – feel like I have no place to run, no place to ultimately hide from the trials that have truly begun.

The age which has now arrived is one where the flames must be ignited below, for things much more sinister than anything we’ve ever known have now joined forces and will soon devour us whole. Perhaps to say we’ve known no trial until now would be foolish, but a darkness of this caliber has me visioning a fear I’d never imagined I’d know; a fall much further than that of the Caverns collapse, an exile much longer than that of the place of Castles, an abandonment much colder than what took place on empty platforms, a sea much darker, much more violent than of those I’ve seen.

But as these Trials unfold, and as the panic creeps it’s way’s in, I hold my eyes focused for visions, and ears keened for a direction in this vast place; for like never before, every passing hour is crucial, any could be our last, and it is with this in mind that I press on with the intent to use all that I have remaining.

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