Embers of Divination: Intro the Trial of Fates

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Embers of Divination: Intro the Trial of Fates

The twilight. A place where time seemingly stands still and all secrets are revealed through the piercing golden beams which cut through the lands. A place where the mystery’s that I seek are finally answered, and where salvation is finally found. But that Twilight that I once knew is gone, for the one that has been cast upon the land during this era was one of violence and vengeance, for instead of golden beams of healing and resolution, the skies broke open releasing shadows upon the land, shadows in which we are at war with now; shadows in which we are falling to by the hour. I know that we cannot win this war, and with the few hours that remain before time is once slowed again – I know we must begin to give into the darkness, for the more we resist it’s resistance, the further we will be drowned.

The end that I had once envisioned has seemingly vanished, for the peaceful departure that I had once dreamed of is no longer of this time Рfor we are now on a line of darkness, and I can no longer see the future. But I know an era ago, something was sealed, perhaps it was the final fate that awaits me, or perhaps it was something much more different than I can ever imagine, but I sense the forces greater than I have taken a keen acceptance to an oath I made and perhaps in the end that will make all the difference. The shadows which now begin to claim these landscapes as there own are not my enemies, for I have survived in darkness once before. The enemies at hand are the cycles and echoes which spin and tangle my fates, binding me to an eternity of strife. These are the forces which seek to swallow me whole, only after devouring those and the things I now hold dear Рwhich are dwindling by the day.

I am no fool to all of this, for the remaining light that burns allows me to see the road that lies ahead – I know I shall not fear. For if that day occurs whilst these Trials of stranger, yet newer fates takes place- I know I will have to make a choice that may very well set off the lines like never before. However, last resorts have never been part of my arsenal. But times are different now, as those whom I claim to be my enemies have proven to be much smarter than I, much more sneaky, much more manipulative, much more quiet in the night.

Despite some cycles playing into my divine favor, I sense that those times can never occur again. For I now move into an age separate from what he dreams of, an age separate from what you dream of. For here, the guidance and counsel of those who are much greater than I, may be of need. I know they sleep, much like you do, but still beckoning over the Fates which are soon to play out. For despite my commending resilience, I have shaken time once again and now soon I must pay for my sins. But even so, every warrior deserves his Trial to prove his every direction. I have failed many in this time, and truly cannot fail to afford anymore. It is in this moment that I know things are now dangerous, and oh no, they will soon become sinister. For the age that awaits judged everyday by the hour, and every being by the decision. And with that in mind my sword must vanish till the ambush and shakings comes again, for soon we will face one another in an age where death is the only salvation.

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