When Darkness Spreads

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When Darkness Spreads

As the piercing, violent yet beautiful twilight beams shred the ground during the hours that speak to me of echoes from earlier sleeps; the darkness that we have all been trying to avoid, has inevitably found its way in. For the war that wages now during the hours of darkened gold has brought upon trials and fates that I may never truly see through. For every step forward in the light that I have taken, he has taken three towards the darkness; towards the very darkness that I am fighting now. 

In time, we will both lose, soon, there will be only one road remaining, and even sooner the only dimming light there will either grow, or diminish until it has become erased – the same can be said for I. For the night skies that have now revealed themselves to us are only a precursor of the age darkness that awaits us at the dawn of the new era. For this Advent is now slowly, but surely shifting towards it’s end, with this line of darkened fates now expanding, growing so infinite to the point where all may experience the suffering it contains so long as they desire, or so long as they fail.

He has become one of those people, and soon will I. For the chances of us winning this war are on such a small scale, I now think it to be a miracle to have won the many wars of past eras and ages. For while the shadows and cycles that we fight spews us lies cloaked in whispers, they have shown me that our end is growing nearer with every passing day, though shifting in it’s form, it grows closer. For as the shadows and darkness begin to spread like the fires in the sky, so does this ever-expanding timeline of fate and blackness. All will soon meet it’s end, before true newness can be born again.

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