The Dawn of Darkness

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The Dawn of Darkness

As these wars continue to wage with I, now growing more and more distant from my comrades, I knew that this era was inevitable. The era of the end, an era where forces much greater than those that I have come to know seek for me to meet my Fate. This war is truly only the beginning of the darkness that awaits, however, I alone am not the only determining factor of the many Fates that beckon over this land. For there is another force that traverses much like I, throughout places much colder, but darker, than anything I have come to know.

But it is during these last day’s that I have now begun to see the darkness much like how I used to. For running is not an option here, nor has it even been, however; though I will soon inevitable dwindle down to a strength that is more or less not sufficient enough to continue traversing this place, I know in the end, I shall have enough to keep my eyes open till the very end. For it is you that I pray for, as for as long as you continue on, an age much darker and sinister than anything we have both come to know awaits and it will inevitably solidify your death.

For ever since the Trials of the Advent began, death has been spinning, beckoning, and lurking all around us, much like the echoes and shadows that wage war with me now. With a sleep much deeper, longer, and darker than any of the past now at hand, I know I must tread carefully, with you in mind for any moment can be my last. I am no longer safe. For it was not long ago that you accepted the possibility of this Fate, and his you have traversed onward. With every passing day, a place of centers and medians begin to fade; as soon a Fate will be chosen, a Fate that will in which echo violently throughout time and all that lines that shall follow.

I pray that despite your vanishing eras ago, you will know that I will not be woke, when that day is to come. For all will be shifted violently once the Fate has been chosen, and with that in mind, I continue fighting this war which has now begun to make it’s way into darker nights as the blinding golden beams become stronger during hours where poisons and dangerous sleepsĀ  infiltrate my lines.

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