The Dying Light In the Waging War

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The Dying Light In the Waging War

Shrouded in endless waves of shadows, my heart has begun to make the sound of a helicopter. For from golden beams, to darkened seams, I know soon that I’ll be swept beneath the waves. This light that I have come to know here, this light that I have became in this grand place is now being stolen, dwindled by some force which has been hiding for eras, not yet ready to die, but first, ready to truly live. 

These armies are ceaseless and relentless in their ambush, and somehow, I have managed to hold them off. Growing weaker with every passing hour, I know soon I must make a choice; a decision that could either win or cost us this war, a decision that will ultimately change it all. For I know soon, the Twilight force will take it all into it’s own hands and bring upon an age so dark, I will no longer be able to navigate. 

For the trials that have been presented to be recently, I have failed before they even started. The incompetent being that I have become has begun to seal a Fate that is still unknown to me, but speaks whispers of secrets regarding your vanishings. Even during those times, when I knew the darkness would return again – I had learned that it was my doing, despite never being shown, despite never being told. And now, as the forces clash with me remaining in the middle, I shall use the remaining ounce of strength that I hold in this blinding gold, yet dangerous light, so hopefully hold me off till the hour strikes where the light shall die to an infinitesimal spec, so dim that it will be blind to my very sight. 

I know this hour is fast approaching. Faster than you know, and faster than I think. I pray that this is truly what you have desired, and that you have prepared yourself for the coming strife that is to roam well and alive during such a night. And the trials that await me in the dark seek to claim one thing and one thing only. It may as well be theres, for my ability to strike on has begun to decrease at a rapid pace. 

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