|| Divination ~ The Counterpart

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|| Divination ~  The Counterpart

During these greater times of trials comes a remembrance the forces which once walked before us, endured all before us, locked away darker and more mysterious things for us to be birthed. But in doing so, I have become ignorant of the repercussions that are soon to take place, everywhere. When attempting to touch hands with these forces, to cross paths with them, I had unknowingly opened spinning’s that would puncture this very line. And so now, it has all begun to start. The chaos that has begun to unravel here and the chaos that is soon to follow is and will be something of a caliber that I have never seen before. 

The other side is a side of wasted potential, of stagnant energy and where shadows and echoes are born. However, little did I know until succumbing to this counterpart, for what only felt like a sleeps worth of time, that in the end it is all of great importance. Somewhere far away, hiding beneath the rubble of some dark and stormy sea ruins is a soul that seeks to return home; it is shimmering and trembling from all that it has seen, all that is has felt, for fear that violent seas will return once again. With me, and the inevitable growing darkness from inside of me, I cannot promise this soul with a means to continue onward, that it will truly be safe from shaking’s that will occur to due to the wars that are soon to take place here.

For when I was once told of counterparts, I was told of a whole. But throughout all of the places that I have traversed, none until now have bestowed this knowledge upon me, and I feel it is too late.  Perhaps I have lost this war before it has already begun? Or perhaps I am winning by an unknown landslide? It all still remains unknown to me and so consulting the forces that are of dangerous and mysterious power, places, and fates, must now occur. 

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