Sunset of the Forgotten Being

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Sunset of the Forgotten Being

During some point in time within an infinite timeline, they were whole – we were whole. Upon learning secrets and spells that those who swore close to me, had kept from me; I knew it was I who had to break free from the cycle, for fear the rest may not have. These lies and empty promises were spilled at Sunset, during a time where the Twilight was strong and the Afternoon hours grew shorter by the minute. This was the time when I began to see clearly, when I caught a glimpse of you.

Now, with these Trials beginning to beckon from above once again, I have begun to wonder where you reside. Where have you gone? For the sudden strength I once found, was found in you. You seem to come and go as you please, fading in and out of existence, much like the third at the end of the last Advent. Perhaps my broken oaths and failed trials have sentenced you to an eternity within the echoes, stuck somewhere in between life and death; slowly teetering, waiting patiently for the balance to break.

Even though you have never felt so distant, I can still feel your presence. These lands are great yes, but I know you, and where you reside are even greater. But it is with great regret that I must say that you have been forgotten. Perhaps not willingly, but by force. For ripples have begun to shift into waves, they now begin to shake this foundation once again, for I know that a new test of time is coming. Unlike the others, this one has sought to involve a higher power, a power of Fates & Destiny. It is now that I must begin to fight for you, for I had once saw the future and it was that future which showed me the Ruins that we traverse now.

And so while you have been left behind, forgotten, abandoned – you still seek to return and become one once again. Now it is my final chance to learn how.



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