The Coming Twilight/Darker Timelines

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The Coming Twilight/Darker Timelines

The chaos that has now begun to spin here as the new Dawn is long behind us, is of some irreversible darkened timeline. The arrangements that are of which being made now are acts of war upon all places that I had once been, and all places that lie ahead. These acts are treacherous at their core, and I know it will take every last bit of strength remaining in my heart to hold them off till a new Dawn. For long ago near the edge of an Age, I was warned that this all repeat, cycle, and so it has. What ales me to continue traversing this grand place is the dream of something much grander, something that brings together all that we are.

The cooler winds that have begun to make their way across this place speak not only of wars, but also new struggles and tribulations that await me at the turning of the new hour. For shadows taller than anything I have ever seen have begun to rise here as the fires high above begin to make their way in. I know soon the flames will spread across these lands and the violence will begin once again.  However, the places that are whispered to exist have been said to be a waypoint guiding beings towards the direction which will lead them to what they seek. I know with some strange twist of fate, I may be blessed to stumble upon these places and ultimately reclaim all that is I.

While in this time, I know that you are dead and gone, I feel it may be what you have wanted. But those that still lie in places between shadows and echoes deserve redemption and salvation, even I seek to find it myself. For I know that the edge of the Twilight age is now upon us, and with the coming nightfall that lies ahead a greater entropy will begin, and greater Fates will find their way in. Many shall soon meet their ends and beginnings, while some may discover the echoes and all of the power they contain. It is is fading strength, and even less confidence that I now go forth to face the next test at hand; a test that is said to lead me to the darkness once again only to integrate some newer lights, if I am so blessed to see it.

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