The Departure V: Intro to Landscapes

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The Departure V: Intro to Landscapes

I once dreamed of flying away, of floating within infinite spaces full of warmth and the essence that is you, of leaving my home by sunrise. But now, as this sun begins to dim in it’s strange and mysterious ways; the Departure that takes place now may be my last. For much time has past since the days of the Plains, and even while I travel across this place, I know where I am now is much grander than anything I have ever come across before. For the spaces that are presented to my eyes are are of not only immense beauty, but also of mysterious darkness and shadows that lurk around every turn and corner.

The Castles that once surrounded me still stand tall, dimming, but still visible far behind where I am now. The exile that was birthed in this place was what ultimately lead me to where I stand now. For minus the timelines which were shifted and the wars that were lost during that time – it had all lead me to something much more large, much more grand; but I am still asking, at what cost? I feel that soon, my question will be answered and I am only now beginning to finally be revealed what I must give in return from my choices made, eras ago.

Whatever dwells within a place this grand, is likely waiting to be found. I know it is full of secrets and treasures that I have yet to find, that I may never find. But I now begin to wonder what lies beyond this place as the Twilight slowly begins to creep over these clear and barren skies. I know something much more sinister is soon to arrive once again. For the Shadows that seek war right behind me are the least of my worries. In these lands, laws are nowhere to be found, and freedom has always been known. But with that, I am left to fend for myself. To fight alone for what may be the final time. For I know that once a new Dawn births, it’s beams will set ablaze this place, and I will be forced to run or be swallowed by the wildfires. For I shall never forget that I saw the future, and that very future lead me to every Departure that I have ever made, and shall ever make, going forward.

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