Collective Shadows

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Collective Shadows

Whispers in the winds that swift across this grand place have now begun to stir. For they speak of a time in an era where all darkness shall be faced, and all secrets that are hidden will be brought to light. The beings that so cleverly hide behind the structures, chambers, and sanctuary’s which their thousand hands of old had built, now know what is imminent. For the feeling of war moves quickly around this place, causing the very stirring that has now begun to shake me to my core on this very day. For it is at this time that we shall all know be driven into darkness, as the new Dawn begins to fade for good. In this age of Twilights and Fates; many of lives have already been lost, and many more are beginning to go astray. But despite this, I am forced to continue walking throughout this grand-scape in hopes of something greater, in hopes of something much more whole.

For it should only last moments, but will still mark the beginning of a war that many are not ready for. Shaking and movements from those beneath have begun at a rapid pace, and the movement of myself and my heart has sped up once again. For it was an Advent ago where I waged war on a force much similar to what spins and grows in the shadows now. For this very war is what lead me down the path of exile, and the loss of all that I once held dear. But now, it is not just me, for I know that there are others here, part of the same army Рagainst the very same force.  And while we do not see eye to on any plane, we wage war against the same rising force.

It is in this very darkness that I learned to move, and it will be in this very darkness where I shall strive to bring the light upon all that is hidden, upon all that is crying out for help. For as a whole, we have been separated, yet still hold our light. And though the Twilight shall soon fall upon us all, it shall be in the very coming darkness where we shall integrate it with the light once again – for this is the only way we will win this war. Only time will tell what the Fates hold for us. And with each passing moment as we stare in awe, we know, deep down inside that something greater, stronger, larger – is on the horizon, we know, we can become something greater, stronger, larger – even within the darkest of nights.

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