When Shadows Rise

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When Shadows Rise

Lines have changed course once again, yet this time it is not due to my direct manipulation. The chaos is which is now soon to be at hand is in fact, not on my hands, but of another’s with hands much similar to mine. Throughout my endless travels and thousand darkened dreams, I knew this time would come at some again at some point – for life itself had promised me that very day, long before the journey of the Ice Cave, that Fate’s much darker than anything I could imagine would seek to infiltrate my lines. It was then that I accepted my Fate, and since then I had forgotten the oath I had swore, up until now.

These forces which charge towards me now are fragments of what is destined to become in this line, they are echoes of the darkness that once was, and the acolytes of the darkness that is soon to come, that is soon to Rise. Many battles similar to these I had once fought, yet never alone; not until now. For with you sunken and gone beneath the depths of one thousand oceans, I am all that remains of the entropy that took place eras ago. This scape has proven to me to be so grand, I have not even scratched the surface of the secrets and hidden knowledge it seeks to bestow upon me, so it is now that I begin to move like I have never moved before. For while my heart may be weak, and my mind shook – I can still run.

But unlike the Advents past, I shall no longer run from what awaits me, but instead towards it. For this rising of darkness and battles more violent than anything I have experienced before is inevitable at the core. One day, the ending oaths will take place, and from that day forward my final word will be given to you only. But until you are born, the oaths I must carry out until the final days are high in numbers, so I now make my moves. The darkness that rises now is powerful in strength and in numbers, it’s sharpened blades pierce through my fragile flesh, my mind no longer sharp enough to be prepared for the next strike. With this at hand, I know I must use what remaining strength and knowledge that is here to gain to push through this wave until refuge is found. Only then shall I survive this.

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