The Breaking Curse

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The Breaking Curse

The memories of the Plains are strong during these day’s. For these vast lands that I tread upon have begun to speak of a time of restriction, a time where the Dawn was a sacred, seemingly unreachable pedestal that represented something far greater than what I knew during that time. Now that the knowledge has been instilled, and the Trials have ran their course, it is clear to me now that curses that had once held me strapped have now been broken.

The Trial that I tread upon now has forced me to face the past in a way I have not confronted it before. For with this specific Trial at hand, all that once was has seemingly begun to manifest once again. These times are so strange, yet they move so swiftly, just like before. And just like before, I find myself fragmented before departures that will spell lines of what the future may hold, the cold and eerie, mysterious future that flashes in waves from a far distance. For the strength that he seeks to reach now is a strength that must be obtained during these crucial times. For a timeline much bleeker that speaks words of freedom and liberation awaits to invade, swallowing up all that once was, and all that I dream of becoming.

Breaking the Curse was only half the challenge, for now I must face the force that has been awaiting to be confronted ever since the days of the exile. This force desires none other to be stolen, but only by worthy hands. The hands which hold this force must sport the strongest grip at all times, for this force at hand can slip away, like echos in the night. And now, as the Dawn of this era begins to weaken and tremble, it’s final cries scream words of final Trials and vigorous hours in which I must now endure.

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