As Trials Rise, Forgotten Paths We Forge

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As Trials Rise, Forgotten Paths We Forge

The war that I have begun to wage is a war towards a war that has been dodged, averted, and even forgotten over the years. By now, the decision has already been made; the decision to utilize every last ounce of will and energy that exists within my being, that will ever exist within my being – towards what I seek to reach so direly. For eons cycles, shadows, and echoes alike have chased me throughout various landscapes, keeping a keen eye on my every move – awaiting for me to shake and twist the timeline once again. But now that time has finally come, I had fallen once again after a significant uprising, and while that act lay’s on some broken path behind me; it is was the determining factor that sparked my ambition for this war, in the first place.

Morning skies always have had their way of bringing me back to darker places, to a time where betrayal and fates lay around every corner – a much more fragile time. In a way, those times are sort of like now; I am ultimately left to compare the two, as I now spend my time plotting and maneuvering my way through what has now become part of the darkened timeline, a place where every Fate but those that I desire run rampant and violent, awaiting to cling onto all that I am, feverishly wishing to swallow me whole. But I do not fear these forces, for the fear that I once held during my treading of some forgotten paths so long ago, have faded. Though my very essence shakes just as the timeline does before I am to make my move, no fear nor hesitation shall hold me back from doing what I know must be done.

The trials that I now completed have brought me to a place where the final phase of these trials must begin. It is a place that speaks of the very essence of who I used to be, who I am now, and what I must become in order shift this tide back to a more favorable line. Though I know, one way or another, the coming tragedy that I sense in inevitable; I know it is crucial that I continue onward until the Trials conclude – for I have made an oath that binds me to the echo’s of the fourth, a force that time and space itself only whisper rumors of, a force that even I at this time – cannot truly fathom.

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