Those Memories

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Those Memories

There are things in this life that I strangely continue for despite them being of timelines that are seemingly no longer relevant to this reality. There are places where I had once stood that call me back, echoing to me some strange hymn of remembrance, forgotten paths, and futures that never came to be. It is all of these things have lead me to embark on the journey I have currently on now. It is due to all of these things why I must now strive even harder to discover the things that have been locked away from me, to find the things I know I have been searching for – in timelines long before this one.

During this crucial time of clashing fates and unstable lines; I have found myself in a battle unlike any other. A fight where two forces have begun to put my strength, knowledge, will, and spirit to a test far beyond anything I have ever taken before – coincidingly. My eyes have begun to grow heavy and weary with each passing moment, and I know it has only just begun. But for every breath I take that saves me from drifting off into another dark, and barren rest, full of echoes and lines of all that I had lost, and all that I could lose – my spirit somehow finds a way to push onward.

The darkness that I now know harbors within me has it’s way of reminding me that it is always existing, forever present, never fading. It is spinning in it’s own place full of shadows and echoes, separate from mine. It knows that those reverberations that seem to drive me forward are the very reason it exists, yet at the same time, are the only remaining remnants that can put it back to rest.

No Dawn can pierce through this shadow that has been lurking for so long, but this Dawn seeks a different approach. For this Dawn that will soon meet it’s end knows that my current lines are reaching their ends and that time for me is seemingly limited. With this knowledge at hand, the trials that are now being presented to be will likely once again sweep me out to a violent sea, however unlike the moments and memories of past timelines, I shall go willingly. For I know with every wandering, I come closer to finding what I seek, and now that I know I am free once again, the lengths in which I am willing to take to reach those planes that hold as many answers as secrets in the distance shall outreach the lengths the trials are willing to go to break me.

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