Liberation – (All that I live for)

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Liberation – (All that I live for)

The wave that was once the 6th sleep has faded into an abyss where shadows are forever roaming, and echos are forever reverberating. It is now in a place much different than this grand plane that I exist on now; however, they have once told me that I am not only here, but everywhere, simultaneously. How nice it is to be born and free, with a wild heart that desires no less than to reach heights and face danger in it’s essence. This freedom is a force that even I struggle with now, for the whispers surrounding some Fates that are being gasped into my ears now speak of a control that feels almost identical to mine. I had always wondered if in the end, at the end of it all, would I fall to myself and my self alone. Even though that answer is yet to be revealed to me, the things I have learned in this place thus far, have lead me to draw my own conclusions.

Unlike before, my heart is working. And though it guides me to tread carefully throughout these lands and the next plane I must soon make my onto, it also knows that we must strive to exist alongside what is dangerous, alongside Fates that wish to claim us as their own, alongside echoes and shadows that seek to tear apart lines and bring about a place in time that I have been running from for so long. There is part of me that undoubtedly craves for your presence, like a drug that takes me to the highest of consciousness. Even now, I search for the fourth despite my heart having yet to decide exactly what it desires.

There is a part of me that has now been born again, and it is this very part of me that is at the forefront of such liberation. It is this part of me that has now cut the chains and has allowed me to be free once again. But it is also this part of me that has seen first hand the darkness that beckons silently and patiently inside of me. It seeks to swallow me whole and re-establish cycles that were once wiped away during the Dawn of the Second Advent. I may never truly be able to rid this darkness without ending myself entirely, for with it apart of it, the anguish I must endure is nothing short of torture on it’s own. For in the end, all that we had once hoped for never came to fruition, which only naturally leads me to wonder if the efforts I am soon to make, in alignment with the only thing my heart knows – will ultimately lead me to the Fate we have both aimed so strongly to avoid once before.

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