The 15th Day

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The 15th Day

“What was the future like?” They asked as they cowered beneath their quilts. He knew it would not be smart to speak words of some ever-bending timeline, but he knew deep down, after catching glimpse of the glowing within their eyes – that they deserved to know what he saw. It was only after the quiet waves slept them all off to sleep, did he once again begin to dream of the dangerous fate that should befall him.


Time is much different now, it is more different that it has ever been before. The echo’s scream feelings of returning to the ways I once dreamed things to be; but I know the cycles to be violent and vigorous; for they show no mercy even amongst the youngest and purest of souls. They seek to pray on every living thing capable of feeling, they are relentless in their actions, never resting, forever beckoning.

The day that I which reached now is truly a day of liberation; it is a day where I am free to once again choose my direction and take on the forces, head on, that have been lingering behind me for so long. Since the second departure and the second arrival, forces have been stirring; and while I know that age is now behind me, there is still a threshold that I have yet to reach. For my heart now calls to me to fight for what seemingly awaits, to fight for what has been calling to me for so long.

A sea with beloved remains wishes to be explored, and my tired eyes alone wish to see no more of all that has once been lost. But I know even now that this journey will be a lonely one, for scapes much larger than anything I have witnessed before await me, with splits in futures and places that echo from a place in my heart. Greater forces have now awoken and seek to reclaim what is there’s, to claim what is no longer needed, and what no longer desires to be. It is of these very forces that I must now surpass, along with a threshold; however, the difficulty of this will be unlike anything I have ever faced before. And as I am reminded of all that has sunk at sea, I am left with a knowing that I am all that remains of those days, of that age, and with that in mind, all that is left to lose – is me,

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