The Decision

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The Decision

In a place of such vastness, chaos and confusion – I have lost my way. The trials and visions from something once called the 6th sleep have seemingly passed, and now it all remains to be nothing more than an echo, a nightmare in essence; yet a glimpse into something that’s shivering far beyond what my eyes can see. The forces that have recently kept me bound to this place are beginning to flee, for they know now that the day they have been awaiting is now in reach. They can sense it, feel it, even taste it; they know my shortcomings, failures and mistakes have brought upon lines that I had only once dreamed of during darkened nights when you were by my side. After all the escapes and all the runnings of the past era, it has all become a reality, and here I am face to face with timelines once again.

In essence, the rebirth which has begun to take place now is nothing but a reconnecting, a restart, a remembrance of what was once lost. However, I no longer seek to become what I once was; I seek to past the threshold and become the being I know who is in reach, capable of changing these lines to the ones that you once envisioned. And though you, along with the rest are gone, trapped beneath rotting debris of some blackened sea; the essence that remains of all that once was is enough to feed me the momentum needed to create what must become.

Yes I know there are forces, yes I know there are beings, and I know there are sides of me which wish only to shatter lines leading to that strange yet seemingly inevitable moment where I fall victim to the forces amongst some new and rising sun; but now that a choice has been made, and a will has been sought I shall see to it with all that I am, and all that I become, to erase that very moment from this reality. For the words that have been spoken to me were that it is all up to me, that the greatest challenge yet, full of greater challenges – is now here.






~ For bravery, will, and consistency is what built the towers, crafted by one traveler alone. Though he shall rest, the rest is his, and deserved beneath a setting sun.

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