The Birth of a Cycle

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The Birth of a Cycle

It all starts with a desire, a desire which holds greater strengths amongst all other desires. It is this very desire that spawns the environment in which the cycle needs in order to be conceived. The environment in which cycles are birthed are a place that clings truthfully close to you. It is now always a conscious clinging, for you may walk and wander for all of eternity yet still be unaware of the clinging very essence. This environment eventually becomes part of you, almost becomes you in a way. It is not something we all can simply turn around and face in a blink of an eye, for our eyes must be forced wide-open to even notice the very leaching that is taking place.

Soon, the comfortability sets in, the acceptance of a fate that deep down, you know is not what you desire. But it’s all you know, it’s all you’ve ever known, and soon it will make sure it will become all you shall ever be. These vicious turnings and attacks, clingings and acceptances which lead to infinite loops are the very cycles that I run from now. They are dangerous in their very essence, however time and time again, I find myself playing with them, dancing with them, almost like how a child plays with fire – ignorant to the great amount of destruction in which it is more than capable of causing.

But it is from cycles where I had learned to arise and become the person I once was, to rise and become greater than the being I once was. Though I admit, part of me is not their yet, however the threshold is soon to be reached once again, and from their a vigorous journey followed by only fates and death itself awaits. It is only during this point, at this threshold, shall I be allowed to partake in such a dangerous life, such an unknown path that will determine a series of fates that I alone am not even prepared to know.

With this in mind, I continue to tread carefully, as I know the liberation of these barren lands will soon be complete, and something much larger, something of much grander landscapes awaits me not to far ahead. Though for ever tremble, for every shaking, for every stumble, and for every fall – I move backwards in time, stuck within another vicious cycle; left alone to fight it off as if some silent war in taking place.

I know you once held high hopes for who I was to become, part of me still strives to reach what I have dreamed of so long, in memory of you alone; however, I know that I am now more than what I once was then. I know the dangers and lies that have spilled following days have shaken the very foundation of this place. For in knowing the truth, I signed an oath to meet with a fate that lies in resonance with my lines. For soon I shall meet these fates, but until then I must continue onward, with only memory and remembrance of what the cycles are more than capable of.

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