From A Crippled Stance

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From A Crippled Stance

Time has seen itself pass here, watching days of the future speed by like a driver and it’s motorcycle, speeding down some lonely mysterious highway as the hand strikes midnight.  There is a certain force that comes with all of this, a certain knowing and a certain task. The knowing is of an unavoidable fate, a death that has sparkled and glimmered down the long and finite lines we call life. This knowing I’ve seen glimpses of, this knowing I have dreamed of, this knowing has now begun to call out to me once again; as if it’s spent it’s recent days slumbering away heavily, restoring its energy vigorously, almost as if it’s entire existence has been centered around tormenting me so.

I stand here now with a choice, a choice that I have made time and time again, with greater and greater repercussions each with each and everyone of my shortcomings. For with dark day’s beginning once again, I know the days leading up to the a new advent are beginning to decrease once again. The 6th sleep which has encompassed me so speaks of numbered days and coming fates in which seek to remove me entirely, erasing all that I am, shattering me into pieces which cannot be put back together.

It is with this knowing that speaks of a final chance which many do not receive, a final chance to reach the heights I had always visioned, to escape the darkness and echo’s that plague me so. Deliverance comes in the strangest of packages, but with two now being presented to me; I know very little of the fate that likely resides in each.


Upon closing my eyes and returning to the place of darkness, the place where conflict and peace collide, the place where only essence is felt and nothing is seen; I can sense that everlasting connection I once thought to had been erased forever. It is buried completely unknown to me, it’s longings shake my entire being yet give my soul and all that I am to continue onward, greater than any driving force that has ever existed. It is whatever this is that I feel and sense while dreaming upon wide and open plains, while glimpsing amongst cityscapes, and while running up barren and tall hills during the dangerous twilight of some silent summer afternoon.

The fates that await me are like lords themselves. They await to pass judgement which shall determine my next where about. They have the strength to grant me the eternal rest alongside force that I so crave, while also hold the right to condemn me to a place where all my efforts, past, present and future, will prove to be for nothing.

The task in which I hold at hand is now a dangerous one. For any misstep could mark my end, where any non-calculated decision force me to return to square one or even further back.

In an era not too long ago, I lost everything. All that had been lost now lies at the bottom of some dark, black, and violent sea. It is with all that had once been lost did I decide to take on this task as a last resort.

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