Enveloping Darkness

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Enveloping Darkness

The darkness that has been steadily growing over these scapes for so long has now begun to move at a more fiercer rate, putting everything it moves so creepily by, into a panic of sorts. Now I’ve witnessed such shadows before, and know all too well of what they are capable of.¬†But the veil that I have been protected by for some-time now as begun to fade, and I am left exposed in the open once again. Whispers of wars have been growing and rising with every day passing, and I know a strike is imminent.

We have been left in a dream state, as the 6th sleep has wrapped it’s beckoning hands around us. What the future has shown us is strange, images so confusing and words so distorted and cannot make out exactly what may lie ahead. Undoubtedly, I begin my movements yet again, even after being shaken by what has been shown to me. I know it is what you would have wanted, and I know it is what my essence desires.

I have fallen many times since my last movements, however my seemingly undying will to go on has been persistent,  acting as a light beaming brightly through the thick darkness that has now enveloped these lands. Moving forward from here will not be an easy task; while many shall wait for coming dawn to begin movement anew, I know mine must be made immediately. For even though cycles of old are perishing faster than anything I have ever seen, new ones are being born every day, and seek to swallow me up within their conception.

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