Tides from the 6th Sleep

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Tides from the 6th Sleep

They are now gunning for me. Like law chasing a mysterious thief under the moonlit sky. I have now begun to feel it’s waves and part of me grows weaker with every day that passes. Visions of all that I used to know have now begun to infiltrate my mind, seeping through my soul and shaking my very core. For a moment I had given in; only to realize that the feeling was not like how it felt once before.

I fear now that this force in essence wishes to do more than stall me. For now it feels much more sinister, much more strange, much more..dangerous. But even in knowing this my eyes have begun to ache in exhaust as they now grow heavier with each passing moment. The stride I am taking now has been warned to be one of my last. For darker hours have now begun to make their way in – entropy itself becoming ever more present.

Oh, I know you – you once wished to exile me out.

Left above the skies, walk mens with eager feet, they are

spying through the walls, they all know where you sleep.

My path of war and redemption has begun; for now I have begun to race

the quick and current setting sun. 

It has begun to sway, it’s tides now seeking to wash him away. 

Your name slips through my tongue, my body now shaking from the vibration it holds.

My vision has begun to fade and now the blackouts have made their way in. For now,

I do not know what will become of me, but these lands are great and infinite and you speak of new

beacons that lay asleep – to find. I shall do my best to seek them out, eyes locked on the darkened forces that 

now begin to close near.

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