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For many too long now I have been seen as a runner, a traveler, a wanderer; aimlessly moving throughout some strange and empty spaces. But now, it seems the trails that I have been following for what feels to be an eternity have led me to a place that feels oh-so familiar. Much like during the final day’s of the Plains, these skies have begun to morph once again, and darkness beyond anything I have ever known is now beginning to creep it’s way in.

The ages are ultimately changing, and these morphings are the first to signify it. My arrival to this place was late, as once the arrival of the Advent had set in, I had been stuck in between an older in a newer place. That time has since been lost, and though I have continued onward, my arrival along with the DawnGates came with a delay.  The twilight here has now begun to settle in, and the forces that lurk within the shadows wish for nothing but war.

My eyes have begun to grow more tired than they have ever grown before, and visions of you have now begun to spiral down time lines I had once thought to be forever erased. Echo’s of the 4th have since begun to ring from various directions; but these lands are so large and endless, so endless and infinite – that my sense of direction is seemingly almost non-existent. However, I will now fall victim just yet, for I know soon enough, the 6th sleep will arrive once the Twilight stretches for it’s rest, and shall swallow me whole. It feels sinister this time, something different is on about it, yet my mind simply cannot trace exactly what.

I know I must fight with all the energy I have left once the time comes, and war is imminent on this place. For they now know that you are weakened, and they wish to put you to your final rest before you can heal. We are all that’s left, and I shall be your protector, and you shall be mine; together we will journey into these shadows and discover all it has to behold.

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