Lord Entropy

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Lord Entropy

He seeks a balanced life, guided by the forces of what he loves, faithful to the fates that present themselves to him – every so often. The period of time in which I am headed to now is something I have not set eyes upon for quite some time. Since the Dawn of the last era, this sort of period has failed to take it’s place. And with that, many have been at rest. But now, things have begun to stir within the shadows once again; the same place where you are now headed, the same place that you must confront.

A force much greater than us all will soon sweep it’s way throughout these endless lands, making it’s way into the minds of many – swallowing them whole. They now whisper rumors of war and fate, and it’s beginning to spread like wildfire. I’ve held you close to my heart for all this time, but it’s now proving to be a blessing and a curse. I know soon, we will both break, and what is to follow still remains unknown to me. The times have failed me an infinite amount, and now, my only faith is in me. For you once held faith in me, and despite my shortcomings you held on, at least until time claimed you as it’s own.

They say his day’s are limited and the only way to save him is to join forces once again. So with that said, I am headed to the shadows, a place much more dangerous than he dwells, but ultimately one in the same. I can feel his heart, it beats stronger with every passing day, yet I know it has begun to exhaust, and once it slows – the cold will ultimately catch up.

We will fight side by side no matter what it takes during these days that are rushing their way towards us. For you are one of those who have rose up before I, and for that, I envy you. Perhaps soon, I can become what you have become or perhaps soon, I shall find you – wanderer. Drifter of endless spaces and the one they speak of as the 4th. Our time is heavily limited, and now the Twilight has begun to grow thick. This golden sky is piercing my eyes, and shall only worsen as the day’s past by.

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