Bends & Transitions (Twilight’s Arrival)

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Bends & Transitions (Twilight’s Arrival)

Within this large and open scape has come a time quite different from the time that has past once before, yet at the same time, brings back echo’s that will forever continue to reverberate within the vibrations of the wind, spreading and making their way across everything I carry and hold, so closely. The echo’s have forever been a thing of consistency never leaving, never failing, yet always moving. At this same time, however, you fight them, gasping for air as they circle around you and all you know, like chaos, spiraling freely and out of control.

The twilight age of this new era has at long last, begun. With it, much darkness has begun to make it’s way here. I now find myself in great conflict, greater than any conflict I have ever came across, before. This conflict in essence however, is something more, it is alive, like a communicating force – though I have not yet fully learned to understand it. I know movements are set to pick up again, all too soon, and with it the loneliness and cold will soon find it’s way settling in, once again.

It has been much too long since a true war has taken place, and this journey, thus far, has been a solemn one; the darkness that has been trailing me for so long has now begun to make way, at dangerous distances. But in knowing this, I also know that I had once lost everything. For in knowing what I may lose now, will never equal to what I had lost before, I have begun to make my way upwards once again, fearless of the shadows, and darkened seas that may seek to swallow me up once again. For I can still run, and for as long as I can do that, a destination within these infinite scapes awaits not too long ahead. I must now seek it out, and initiate phases that have been sitting idle for far too long.

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