The Coming Darkness

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The Coming Darkness

Soon all things I have come to know will become dangerous once again. Time has begun to speed up once again, and as these skies have quickly begun to shift and take form within this Twilight Age, I know what awaits is a road that I have avoided facing for much too long. You always held great faith in my heart, the faith that I would carry on despite the uncertainties that would befall me, despite the uncertainties that would befall us all. But though your words and trust may have been lies, they have clung to this place like needles, spewing a poison much greater than what had infiltrated me, long before the cavern walls.

The darkness which has quickly begun its movement is not a unknown darkness, it will not make a mysterious appearance, drifting around some sudden old and lonely path. For it will arise from the shadows of the past, and the fears and uncertainties of the future. They echo’s speak of some strange war that will take place in the night, a war that will test all of our might. For every man and woman shall reach a point where the decision of either life or death must be decided. But it seems now the neither one nor the other is currently present to me, for the decision I shall make, will be an option that has never been offered to me before. An offer to see light within darkness, a chance to meet the darkness within light.

I know what must now take place, and fortunately for me, I had never ceased the movement. And though my eyes grow tired with every vanishing Twilight, as we move ever quickly to the 6th sleep, I know must rise like the others, I know I must reach what we had once dreamed, as a collective, as one. For I now realize that it was all valid. And though the many locks, keys, and codes may be scattered throughout the shadows, I know they will be discovered, I know they will find you.

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