Whispers of the 6th Sleep

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Whispers of the 6th Sleep

The echo’s that I have now¬†faced are echo’s that do not ring familiar to me, in sight at least. Time and time again I have been left to wonder what tragedy must have taken place to set off such dangerous cycles. For I have now grown fatigued of what has come and what has gone, for it presents itself time and time again in a manner so familiar of darker days which had once begun to settle in, so long ago. I know now, however, that such times are making their way back in cycles which breathe of a new fasion. And while their arrival may come in a different form, they reveal themselves as cycles nonetheless, dangerous patterns trapping me, swallowing up my entire being.

It was in these cycles that they presented you, stirring my heavy eyes off into a direction that still remains quite unknown to me. Illuminated, the essence you held was of something greater. Of a healing much higher than any healing I had ever endured, your being in it’s entirety, captivating and hypnotizing, full of the organic energy I seek to harness myself. Starting from the brokenness, you knew that I had desired her, so you told me the truth. Broken as I knew I’d be, the truth had set me free there, unlike here, where lies and mysteries still remain present. as I grow seemingly further from the answers that I seek.

I know that soon you will return, you shape and form yourself in mysterious ways, but undoubtedly you will make your way back in again. I only hope that by then, I will be ready to fight once again. For soon a new Prime will be reached, and during that time wars will rage, and much will be lost. But with what little that remains after all this time, I no longer fear loss to the degree that I have once had before. I feel that this is what you would have ultimately wanted, though I can never be for sure, as all those knowings are nowhere to be found, separated and degraded – within the endless spaces of some bottomless, sea.

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