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You have begun to drift back and forth between various worlds, spinning and burying the treasures you find on planes these midnight ships have taken you to – time and time again. It has no longer been a main concern as to your whereabouts and your endeavors, for you have opened our world to flames once again, and once such fires begin to burn, there will be no going back.

The day’s have quickly begun to grow darker, while the transition is miniscule to the untrained eye, we feel it all, the moment the cycles begin to infiltrate their way back into this place. For the tides have began to rise and soon waves will crash into these constructs, shaking all that we know. But what I know, is that you have sought to escape the cycles; however, the cycles pull is like gravity, underestimated, yet always present, tracing every step. A war must take place inside once again, in order for you to find the true escape from the spinnings you have witnessed for oh-so-long.

And you’re still a young one, in the midst of the night sky sprawled out on some small space within the vastness of the open sea. You have seen with your own eyes all that we have dreamed, you have witnessed with your own mind the flashings that cause us to revert back to where the pull wants us. You have seen the wars that are headed in our direction, and now, you seek to find the rest that we shall encounter soon for the 6th time. But little do you know, your time in essence is limited, for there will not always be a warm breeze brushing past your soul, soon you will know the cold, but in such cold you will know the light. A light much greater than moonbeams and the dancing stars above. But before all of this, he must arrive, stumbling in on some strange earth, alien to this place, and ignorant to its laws. He is all you have now.



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