Dawn of Entropy

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Dawn of Entropy

The darkness has now seemed to make it’s unsettling entrance. Those who were once like me have now begun to find the cycles that I have sought for so long to leave behind, the cycles that I have left hidden in the shadows, buried far down deep, beneath some cold and wooden floor boards. The Twilight Age has offered me new clarity as to what just may lie behind this blinding wall of light, though I know what lies ahead will test all of the strength that I have gathered over the eras.

Time here has begun to speed up once again, the mornings pass by in a flash, and the nights even faster. With the 6th sleep still a ways out, but quickly approaching, my only concern is reaching the next threshold before darkness like none other makes it’s way through these window seals and swallows up all that I’ve known.

The power I am left with at this time, is the power of a broken and shattered man, for a regeneration period must soon take place in order for these new thresholds to be reached, ultimately completing the balance once again. I know for him, he shall soon stumble upon this new place, in awe and in wonder of the forces that wander so swiftly around.

But for now, a coming war is at hand. Growing in strength I must be, and a clearer mind I must obtain, for where I am headed to now is no place for the unbalanced. They do not exist here, they cannot survive here. Where I head to now will take us both to where we long to be. And while the grips of chaos will be grasping for our very souls, our hearts will never seek to give out, for forever we may run, but for now we choose to fight, and to fight we shall, till our lungs give out from the poison we breathe.


~ There is a war, it is creeping through the windows now.

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