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Shut out I have been, along with all of the echoes that seem to pound away at these chamber walls, spinning and stirring up time throughout the ages, leaving me shaking. Upon the re-arrival I had seemingly broke free, however what was to follow was a spiraling sleep which trapped me in chains, which held strong to this chamber. So many hours have gone by, and much time has been wasted since then, but it is on this day that I have finally found my way once again.

Pulling and turning, twisting and shifting the directions, I am being called out in a million different directions. Directions that are now visible to the barren mind, directions that are not comprehensible with this compass of a cell that I possess, so now I look to you all for guidance. I know the silence will persist, but all I want to know is for how long. For I’ve taken the pills that have drifted me off into stary sleeps, as the blood in my veins stopped and the echos took their place.

With all this time now passed, the Twilight Age has now finally set in, with the Twilight itself now retreating to the shadows for the time being as winds of greater lights have begun to light up the skies. The direction that I am called to next is a cheer to my reawakenings; though now, with stirring fear, and active doubt, I know that another war must take place before my spirits are lifted to those heights once again. For the forces from far within the corners in the wall are tugging at me to stay, but I know that I must go, I know that I can no longer stay here. For every step made will be a step forward, and every step backward will be a step made forward; and though I may not be where I wish to be yet, I know I can still give greater thanks for have making it this far.

The age of cold platforms within dark and empty stations are now over. And while I still may remain in echos, I know that I am no longer apart of that time, apart of that place. It is now gone, along with the night – it has been left behind.



The Winds Have Begun To Whisper Again ~

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