Energy Streams (Overture)

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Energy Streams (Overture)

It’s not like how it was before, but then again, nothing is truly ever the same. I cannot say that I feel much stronger, nor can I say that I feel any weaker. I seem to be stuck somewhere in the in-between, an odd mess of a place, where things that were once looked to not belong have come to clash together at a violent pace, like vigorous waves out on a stormy sea. This is not the problem however, for the in-between is a place that I never truly had an issue with, but the others have. It’s lonely here, but it’s a place to grow stronger.

Ceasing all that has tended to hold me back in the past, I have now since continued onwards into these Landscapes of new, and am constantly reminded of all that took place that full era ago. I know he will return once more and finish what is left, but what is left here is vast and much larger than anything I have ever seen before. With new discoveries glimmering, in a blinded fashion in the twilight skies, I know more answers to questions I have not even begun to ask will soon be revealed here.

For it wasn’t too long ago that a collapse took place, and all was lost in a free-falling tumble. That’s when I knew that things would never be the same ever again. And so quickly I moved, encapsulated by the glowings of your soul, drawn in by the pull of your eyes, softly, yet gradually, like the moon in essence. But with the Twilight here now, I can only imagine what hostility awaits around these lands. For the winds that echo through my windows speak to me of an over-due war, of shifts far beyond my comprehension, of created timelines, crafted by the hands of those who bind me to earth. I know when the time comes, I will fight; for all that is left, and for all that has been lost.

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