The Graying

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The Graying

We made our way in safely. Despite experiencing the rising pull that the new era had on us, it was a safe arrival for us all in the end. I have seen the skies like this before many eras ago. They spoke whispers of some shattered hearts, yet at the same time, they held secrets of a sinister, yet beautiful place. Making my way in, I knew immediately of the darkness it contained, but as I had overcome, it had seemingly brought upon a Golden Age.

Time has of course changed much since then, for many wars have taken place, and many wars are afoot. But even now with it’s return, I ponder upon it’s possible contents and motives this time around. For during this time, before the starting of fires and manipulation of time, I had heard the darkness speak out in a strange place. It sought to awaken during a Twilight Age, during a time much like now when I would be the same, when I would be weak, and perhaps fall victim to the same fate once again.

Even with the exile long behind us, a part of me remains in fear, for failure once again will surely result in fate, something I cannot afford during this crucial time. The hours have begun to turn at some strange and mysterious angles, twisting and pulling at my mind, ultimately sweeping me into a phase that not even sleep can induce. I have long since been in cleansing of the poison, yet even now, I am still in and out of sleep. You now, are rarely part of this picture, yet somehow still, intertwined with all that is, and all that I used to know.

Haunting as these skies are, I know this Greying will not be around for long. For once they vanish once again and the ones winged with bravery, light, and grace depart, I will know that my turn is at hand, and no time will be wasted any further. For the lack off the rich energy that runs through me has seemed to sift in and out during odd periods. I know it won’t be long until I must turn to a greater force to continue that path I had set out on not to long ago. The search will forever continue..

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