Phase 3 (Flares from Futures)

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Phase 3 (Flares from Futures)

My weakest point was when the spinning blades kept me at bay. I had saw it all at that point, and while it did not bring forces of echoes like I had originally expected too, odd forms and shapes sprung their way across doorways which pointed me in even odder directions. I am at fault here, for all of it, and now that I know this, it will be even harder for me to make my way across echoed seas when the time comes.

I once held a wisdom that shook the foundation of this land as a whole. But now that wisdom has sprung into a world of it’s own, swallowing me whole. This places in which I travel onto are of some covered and misplaced secrets. For the forces that reside in these places truly know of no mercy, they do not speak of fear, for they do not see it like we do.

The time will come again, once the hand strikes the top of the hour, and we slowly move our way into cold and empty room; filled with so many echoes we don’t even remember, blades spinning in space where Universes collide and shakings occur. It will all happen again, and for this, I am certain. But as for now, as I speak, the pull has begun to lift and our weakening has begun to peak.

I realize that the moment I set foot onwards, there will truly be no going back. For the shifts that have happened behind my head once again, did so is such quietly fashion, I had not even realized that strange time had begun to take place once again. Time and time again I had been trying to re-grasp what I had lost. Little did I know, it was inevitable in order to move forward. And so as these arcs, turns, holes, seas cry out from some eerie distances – I know that greater Landscapes lie ahead.

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