(Phase 2) The Winding Pull

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(Phase 2) The Winding Pull

It came in a burst, trapping me in its grasp. Though this time, I was more prepared than I have been in the past, it still quickly swept over me like a tidal wave; it was inevitable, and I knew it was from the very beginning. The only thing I could do after these happenings were to watch and listen. For the signals I’ve gathered had been answers to a few of my questions that have been ever risings as the years have gone by.

It has showed on to me now, some of the things in which keep me bound to earth, a sort of winding pull, which once during some darker days captivated in a room shrouded in darkness, with colds sweats dripping down the brow, that pull had let go, and so had I, it was at that very moment I lit flares that will soon lead to the fires that will ignite the lights within the shadows I peer from now.

I see him grow weaker at an oh so rapid pace, but it seems not even death itself could stop him now. For soon he will find what will lift his soul and keep him at bay for a bit longer. As I’ve dreamed of Oceans and Seas in which you are now lost in, and I don’t know how I’ll ever get to that place, but where he’s headed, I know, is the first step. But as I watch from above, far from the shadows below, a force much more mysterious, much more unknown beckons me onto a age of new, and so now the pull grows stronger..

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