Phase 1 (Flickers)

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Phase 1 (Flickers)

The beginning was just like any other episode, like any other time, during any other age; it crept in slowly like a the winter cold, like a thief in the night. Myself as well as my whereabouts had been misplaced, frozen in a way, yet more of lost within the shadows I have grown so comforted in. But as I now know, I am no longer the only one who resides here within these darker corners of the walls.

I know they are of some great danger to us all, yet I will not hesitate to fight once the time comes. For an age of war is soon to be at hand, and I know that only the bravest of the souls will endure the coming wave. Yes, I am still shaken by these echos that screech and shriek ever so loudly within my head, violently placing me in odd cycles drifting down cold, and lonely lakes and rivers. But still somehow, even within the depths of it all, I have managed to overcome it all, thankfully, once again.

What lies ahead is ultimately detrimental of us all. For I now lie here, strength diminishing greatly, with tired eyes, and see flickers of some odd futures. But that is not what I am here to discuss today, for before the coming age sets foot into this paradigm, I must inform you of what has taken place before that moment arrives..

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