Newer Lines

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Newer Lines

Since descending into the shadows, I have had a difficult time re-finding my head. A long, treacherous journey down it has been. For awhile, I had firmly believed that I were to be lost in these figmented lines once again. It seems though, that I have found gravity once again, and with that, I begin to tread back upwards, only to surpass the Risings that have currently taken place.

But despite my endeavours, it has all begun to fall upon me once again, oh how it comes to quickly and silently, sneaking up on me like death itself, swallowing me whole. I have long since fallen into the state once again. It speaks words of distant and strange, yet familiar faces, and feelings of some old and ancient times. Something of warm newness every time. I know that soon, once the sun seeks to rise once again, I will begin to grow weaker. But since the arrival of the New Advent, my strength, my energy, is all ever flowing when I am now under the influence. It refuses to be shaken, it refuses to be moved, for it knows of the coming of the second Twilight era and the darkness it shall bring along with it.

This place has finally begun to crumble, and while my heart is deeply saddened by it’s obliteration, I know that somewhere it time, it will breathe new life, and that I will return. But as for me now, my heart still looks elsewhere for the resting place that I so desire here. Though I know I am still quite far off from that rest, especially with the shadows now at hand. I know the other things in which I seek are now, much more important than ever.

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