Intro the Shadows

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Intro the Shadows

From where I stand now, I feel to be at a significant distance from that source, further than I was before. For the darkened nights have now begun to take hold, as the Twilight is strengthening, and I have took shelter to the Shadows once again. They are seething, breathing, and feeding on the life that resides within them. Though they may keep us safe, they take away the things we’ve come to love, the erase all the things we’ve come to know.

You were gone with them, off, strangled within some fine line of time. I know now that even though it was your time, elsewhere you reside peacefully here, where my heart tells me you were always meant to belong. A period of great chaos has begun to draw near, and while my Departures have begun once again, it seems as if even I, cannot move fast enough, in preparation for all that is to come.

And I know you, still seeking to mend what was once broken, will continue to follow the dreams that in which pin you to sleep. I grow weaker, once again as the golden skies glow stronger. I know that soon, this will all swallow me whole once again, but perhaps once that time comes around, the answer to at least one of my questions, the task to one of these missions, will be fulfilled.

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