Ascensions & Departures: Fading’s

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Ascensions & Departures: Fading’s

I fear for what is to come. A darkness much like what the Veil held those many years ago, has seemed to be making it’s way within me, beckoning. ┬áSince the arrival into the new Advent, I have been pushing to grow stronger, and while the past that I have for so long sought out, has finally opened up to me, I had never thought it would come with such dangers. For somewhere out there, outside of these shadows, the dangerous forces seek to start war with us once again. That time is near, and while the 5th sleep may provide great strength, it as well may weaken us to our very knees.

The Dawn and it’s light has begun to fade once again, as this period of the new Advent is now folding it’s wings, for darker colder day’s are now at hand; shadows, ultimately engulfing everything. My way is no longer left or right, but I have found something new in which I cannot put into words. Thought still, I am far from grasping all that I had dreamed to do, but now as we move into these shadows, I seek to destroy all that wishes to oppose me, even if it is a mirror of myself. These blades could not spin any faster, drifting me off into a daze that speaks of timelines and glowings that I may never come to know.

It is all fading. But somehow at the same time, I have managed to exceed past whatever stood present before the time of the exile. The collapse had this soul shaken to it’s very core, I see vividly the images within the flashes that pierce all that I am. Will they ever come to an end? I may never know. But I can say that I have very well begun to vanish, along with the dawn, from this period that stands before us now. The road which awaits me will be empty and cold, much like those places that spoke whispers of the exile an Advent ago. I must win this war, for his very being depends on it.

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