Ascensions & Departures: Reminders of Remainders

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Ascensions & Departures: Reminders of Remainders

I’ve always held true to myself over anyone else. Some may call this act as an infinite blessing, some may title it as the darkest curse. However, I have noticed with time it seems to cause conflict for both sides, for it will always stand on some middle ground. At some point after the exile, you reached out with your light, picking me back up, like you once did when I was helpless, taking tumbles and falls, time after time. Though you may have reached out your hand during these times, I know within your palms lie a force that my soul will never accept.

It seems with time, I have grown prone to erasing these thoughts of mind in order to move forward, onto a clean slate. Only now have I realized, while only a part of this may be beneficial, the rest is nothing but wounds to the soul. For I have forgotten all that I had once fought for, and all that I had once held onto. During some strange and violent storms, I let myself go, a separation of the whole, and a splitting of being. For even now, some of me remains lost, wandering and wondering within some lands of strange architect.

I have been attempting to force these connections time and time again, but even with those actions, it seems that these circuits were never meant to resonate with each other, perhaps for a meaning beyond my current comprehension, perhaps for a purpose I have yet to discover.  As I now come to realization regarding these states, I feel I can move forward like I once had, with all force and resistance, left behind.

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