Ascensions & Departures: Truths

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Ascensions & Departures: Truths

What is this being that I am becoming? Shaking and shimmering in my skin of old, it has come to my attention that I had been poisoned. A strange feeling often makes it’s way across my body, engulfing all that I am. I’ve realized during these mournful Dawns, that the secrets that have been kept hidden from me, were only hidden out of sheer ignorance, and nothing more. ¬†Though you, like a robot with a mind to lead us into the new world have fallen into a trap along with all the rest. For with this known, for legacy has been tainted, though, it’s never too late to turn it all around.

I have gathered up all that I know, and all that keeps me stronger, and have started anew in motion.  Though the strength of these rising tides, and endless waves trigger me in ways I had never thought would be possible, I continue to press forward, even though part of me continues to grow weaker after each passing hour. There is truly no escaping this new era, as now that this all has begun to settle in, my only option is to soon set out, and find more answers to the questions that I seek.

I know not much time remains as the darkness prepares to strike once again, but as I have stated before, this time, I am left with nothing to lose. For time has stolen all that had once remained of essence to my entire being, and so I see no limit to the risks and battles I seek to engage. I was once a rock, holding you in place, but now I have left that position. The vanishing has already begun to take place, and with every passing day I grow less clear to those who are unlike me.

I know there is ultimately more to these eras, and timelines I have once jumped and manipulated. Much more that I, even now, fail to comprehend, lies to be discovered beyond these beautiful mournful Dawns. For the Twilight period of this era is soon to take it’s place, and as wars commence, I know I will fight on until my last breath. For soon I will be undefeatable, for soon, I will become more powerful than I have ever imagined.

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