The Days of Vanishings: The Vanishing Days

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The Days of Vanishings: The Vanishing Days

There are truly no words left to be said, but all all in all since this period had first begun much has happened. It has now become very clear to me that the foundations in which all had stood on that I had constructed has went through a gradual fading ever since the exile, up until the Dawn of this new Advent. With no foundations remaining, I was caught in a tail spin, a loss of direction, and no strength to build upon what I had set out to do in the first place. Though my memory is slowly beginning to return, I still truly believe I know how all of this will end.

He has now changed, and is no longer the same being he once was. Though some aspects remain the same, the intentions are all in all different. We have seen far past the cycles that we had once been caught in. And while some of these cycles we still hold very dearly to, it is no longer up to us to keep them around, they have begun to vanish along with the days and mornings we have come to know so well as a whole.

We know that eventually, all of this will be behind us, truly erase within time that does not exist within this realm. Time and time again, I have fought to uphold some strange and mysterious cycles, for us both, but this ceased our growth. Shadows now look to us with a hostile eye as we make our way into a new time within this new Advent, the Dawn of the Twilight era. Thought these mournings still remain new to him, still yet to truly settle in, his time is quickly running out.

The bars that had once entangled me down, keeping trapped have now been lifted, due to some mysterious force. I know he no longer speaks lies, and he now only searches for the truth and nothing but it. We will settle for no less. The fadings we have begun to see today will only gradually continue as we move forward. The 5th sleep is soon to arrive and a new direction will be revealed. For in the meantime, the setouts in which have been awaiting me for so long are now ready to commence, the time has not been better, and with these locks and chains vanishing along with the days, the time has never been better.

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